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The Buffalo Girl Soap Story



It was 2000 (Remember Y2K?), and I was in the market for a healthy source of milk for my family just in case the grid went down. Wait, I was already off the grid with wind and solar. But, I did find an ad in my local paper for a milking doe, so I loaded up my girls and headed out for parts unknown. I arrived at a farm tucked deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. A weed-thin man greeted me and led the way to a barn held together by organic matter and a prayer. The farmer was retiring and he had two more does, a doeling, a milk machine, and dog he’d throw in if I was interested. Oh yeah, I was interested. The rest is history.

Over the years, I’ve tried many trends and fads, but I keep coming back to the simple formulas and ingredients I love and want to use myself. I could say it’s my higher education in science that drew me to this work, but honestly it’s the smells from growing up in the south that drive my imagination. Smells like the mossy green of the creek I skipped rocks across, or warm dirt in a fresh tilled garden, or the heavy sweetness of the vanilla in my Grandmother’s egg custard pie. Man, I miss those pies. These smells are wild, sometimes untamed, and always on the adventurous side, just like Buffalo Girl Soaps.

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