Wild Child : The one about how Buffalo Girl Soaps came to be.


My name is Luzette Kincaid Musen and I'm going to tell you the story of Buffalo Girl Soaps. Names of the innocent have been changed, so relax and settle in with your beverage of choice.

First, let me just say I AM a self-professed Wild Child. I don't mean the party girl kind. I mean growing up I was a tree-climbing, dirt digging, outside-from-dawn-to-dusk kind of wild child. I much preferred time with my furry friends (dogs, horses, goats, etc...) exploring the wild spaces. My mother, an entrepreneur herself, teased I didn't know how to act like a girl. Thanks Mom! 

So my early education was in the ways of the wild; learning how nature provided for every need. I mean is there anything more fascinating than watching the tiniest of ants move something 10,000X its weight, or seeing a bioluminescent tide for the first time (or the 100th time). For instance, did you know that you can usually find the cure for poison ivy growing close by, or plants communicate with one another? The natural world is so much more interesting and complex than science fiction ever was. Anyway, I digress. All my enthusiasm and curiosity in natural systems led me to pursue degrees in chemistry and biology. I wanted to know everything from the smallest molecular interactions to the workings of the whole body.

I worked as a researcher for quite some time. I learned so much, got to travel from coast to coast, and worked with many fine people. But, eventually studying wasn't enough. I wanted to create. I wanted to create beautiful things that delighted my senses, felt nourishing to my body and mind, and were directly connected to the secret powers of the plants they came from.

Mountain Life

I was also growing my own wild seeds; two daughters born nearly 3 years apart. Their births were transformational and an even greater affirmation of the mystical power of creation and nature. Obeying an ancient desire to "nest", I found 40 acres on top of a mountain to perch a homestead. It was not without a huge struggle of conscience. How crazy was I to think I could raise two little babies in the backwoods, completely off grid? I remember walking the land with a friend and seeing coyotes trek across the ridgeline all the while singing, "Buffalo Gals won't you come out tonight". She assured me I wasn't crazy, in fact I was just like those trail blazing Buffalo Girls of the West. And so, I did the thing. I raised my girls wild and free on top of a mountain with a creek that ran by my house alongside creatures great and small.

I've moved on from that mountain top and my girls are grown women now, but I'm still in love with creating Buffalo Girl Soaps products. Of course, we've expanded way beyond soap. In fact, our skin care line is one of our best sellers. However, one thing that has not changed is our commitment to preserving the Wild in our products. And in doing so, we are also committed to green business practices by purchasing sustainable and ethically harvested ingredients in the most raw form (it's all about the nutrients), little or no plastic packaging (all glass & aluminum containers), and zero waste options whenever possible. I hope you enjoy our offerings here. We love to hear from our customers and value your input. Word of mouth is always the best advertising and if you've enjoyed a Buffalo Girl Soaps product, we would love a shout out!

Wishing You Crazy Wild Happiness!


The Buffalo Girl 

"Pure Products, Wild by Nature since 2000."