Essential Oils for Fall

signs-of-fall.pngWhat are some of your favorite memories of Fall? Chances are they have a certain smell attached to them. Maybe it's the cinnamon in a nice warm cup of apple cider or the nutmeg in a pumkin pie. Whatever may be your favorite scent of Fall, here are a few ideas to "spice" things up:

1) If you are lucky enough to have a wood burning fireplace, add a drop or two of either pine, cypress, sandalwood or cedarwood essential oil onto each log before you throw it onto the flames. The aroma will scent your entire home.

2). Making your own essential oil candles is another great way to put the scent of Fall into your home. If you know how to make candles then you simply need to add 30-60 drops of essential oil of your choice to each eight ounces of candle wax used. You'll be able to find many candle making supplies online, but Buffalo Girl Soaps has the best prices on Essential Oils.

3). If you don’t know how to make your own candles then here is a little trick you can use. Light a regular candle and allow to burn for a few minutes until a pool of melted wax forms. Then simply add three drops of Fall essential oils of your choice. One of our favorites is Sweet Orange oil. It's inexpensive and has many other household uses.

4). One way to prevent cold and flu is by burning an essential oil in an aroma lamp. An aroma lamp consists of a tea light which warms a bowl of water above it. Add an essential oil to the water and inhale the mist to kill germs and bacteria in your nasal cavity. Essential oils that are particularly good for this are eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary.