Men's Shaving Kit


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These grooming kits are a great starter to introduce you to our products or to use as a travel kit to go. The wonderful thing about all of Buffalo Girl Soaps products is they are all natural. We never use artificial preservatives, fragrance oils, fillers or unnecessary ingredients. That's why our motto is "You'll never miss what we didn't add". And this little kit has it all.
Smooth Operator comes with:

2 oz. Face Tonic (Beard Oil Shown)
4 oz. Shaving Cream
1 oz. Face Balm (Mustache Wax Shown)

Stache & Beard comes with:

1 oz. Beard Oil
4 oz. Shaving Cream (for neck & cheek areas, keep it neat right?)
1 oz.Busted Broncstrong Mustache Wax (light wax available by email)

*Shaving Brush not included.