Mustache Wax


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Our mustache wax can take you from Cave Man {bad} to Manly Man {good} in a twist. We have two formulas to keep those curlies gleaming and under control.
For short mustaches, beards and brows, try our Buckaroo formula. Ingredients: Castor oil (for conditioning), Cocoa Butter and Beeswax (for hold), Vit. E & Rosemary Oil Extract (natural preservatives), and Rosemary and Lime Essential oils (for scent and therapuetic properties).
If a style statement is what you're looking for, then Busted Bronc is the right formula for you. Ingredients: Castor oil, Lanolin (for strong hold), Beeswax, Coconut oil (for flexible styling), Vit. E and Rosemary Oil Extract (ROE), Spruce & Cedar wood essential oils.
**Our mustache wax is serious stuff. To use, run fingernail forward along the surface of the wax so a small pea-sized amount rolls onto the top of your nail. Grab the small pea-sized ball between thumb and fore finger. Wait for your body heat to warm the wax until it's pliable. Next, begin working the wax from the center of your mustache out, twirling and shaping as you go. Send us your winning stache photos in our feedback section and get 25% off your next order {I wonder how many people have read this far?}

*Hint: you can remove mustahe wax with our Beard Oil.
1 oz. tin