By definition vacations have nothing to do with work, so I must let you know there is nothing here about soap. But as far as summer vacations go, this was one to remember. The big news is I got hitched! Yes, that’s right. After all this time roaming the wide open range, the Buffalo Girl found her man! When I think of how to describe my husband, I can’t help but to think of that song by Dusty Springfield, “The only man that could ever reach me, was the son of a Preacher Man”. He’s not a preacher’s son, but a missionary kid who grew up in Africa (hence the Maasai spear in the picture). don-me3.jpg

the-girls1.jpgWe chose to go back to our roots and get hitched in the Appalachian Mountains; the Great Smoky Mountain National Park to be exact. It rained like crazy during the days leading up to the wedding and even the morning of, but the sun came out and it was beautiful. the-kiss.jpg

buffalo-trace.jpgOf course a celebration was in order and what is a true southern celebration without some whiskey? Bourbon Whiskey to be exact and I knew just the place. This Buffalo Girl headed to the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky. Buffalo Trace Distillery is the most decorated distillery in world and has been making whiskey continuously for the last 200 years. Yes, they even distilled whiskey during the Prohibition under a “medicinal” license. Their process is a little more sophisticated than those of the Irish and Scotch monks that began distilling whiskey as medicine in the 14th century, and most assuredly tastes a lot better too. 6million.jpg

thetree.jpgAnd finally, we spent some downtime reconnecting with nature. It’s in the woods I find a sense of center, rightness, and ease. Nature is also where I find inspiration for scents and formulas. In nature we are home. Which reminds me of my goal to you; Buffalo Girl Soaps wants to be your natural home away from home.

So, that was my Summer Vacation of 2013! I hope yours was equally exciting. Drop us a line and tell us about it. thefalls.jpg


The Buffalo Girl