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Sea Clay Herbal Mask

We combined two different clays. One for detoxifying and one for calming and nourishing the skin. Next we added herbs like Echinacea to prevent acne, Parsley to reduce hyperpigmentation, Licorice Root to brighten, and Sea Kelp remove blackheads and...
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Love Spell Rite Box

Rite Box

Create your own affirming rituals with these perfectly curated boxes.  Abundance Rite Box 1 - 4 oz. Atalanta Goddess Oil 1 - 3.5 oz. Mint Tingle Goat Milk Soap 1- Smudge Stick with Green Jade Crystal Stone 1- Glow Bath Bomb  Love...
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Aromatherapy Bath Melt

Bath Melt

Finally, you've made time for a relaxing soaking bath and this reusable Bath Melt is the star. Swirl the sachet in your warm bath water to release the moisturizing cocoa butter, colloidal oats, and herbs like frankincense, calendula, and chamomile. When...
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Lemon Zinger Shampoo Bar

Lemon Zinger Shampoo Bar

The rich & creamy lather from this shampoo bar comes from our exclusive recipe with lots of hair-loving castor & jojoba oils. I cut these large 7 oz. bars in quarters and keep only one cube in the shower at a time. Your hair is squeaky clean and you'll...
This item is currently out of stock. Please email or call to pre-order!
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Chai Latte Seasonal Soap

Limited Edition Artisan Soap-Seasonal Bar

Our homage and improvement (in our humble opinion) on pumpkin spice. Chai Latte is everything wonderful about the Falliday season. Warm and inviting with notes of cinnamon, vanilla & orange. So yummy you'll want to drink it up. But don't. It's soap...
This item is currently out of stock. Please email or call to pre-order!
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